About Us

Panama Road Trip Adventures is based on bringing you unique eco-adventure trips, activities, and cultural experiences in Panama, which we design with intention to involve families, communities, and villages to contribute to the social and economic development of this beautiful country we call home.

We are one of the few companies that offer tours and trips totally adjusted to your budget, and without sacrificing the high quality of our services. We specialize in receiving small groups, which allows us to create completely customized tours and trips, designed to fit your style and taste, so that you can enjoy some of Panama’s many attractions comfortably. We provide you with the perfect balance of fun, relaxation, adventure, and discovery.

Our Story

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The idea of exploring Panama by taking travelers off the beaten path, bringing benefits to local communities, and working with 100% local guides came about in 2014. Being both tour guides and travelers ourselves, we wanted to offer new options and a personalized experience for travelers visiting Panama. By 2015, we were operating our first tours, engaging both rural communities and local tour guides in working towards our vision. 

Today we are a trusted company founded by tour guides. We keep exploring new destinations, and designing new tours to offer unique vacation experiences in Panama for our customers.

Our team is made up of trained experts in the tour options that we offer, including general tour guides that are well-versed in Panamanian history, to nature guides that can explain and interpret wildlife for our visitors.

Our Team

The Panama Road Trip Adventures team is made of 100% Panamanian staff, with a spirit of service and pride in showing you the true essence of Panama.

Get to know our Team:

Our team is comprised of professional guides that have dedicated themselves to travel and exploring each region of Panama over the years. The majority of our team has also had the chance to explore different continents with the goal of learning about and understanding different cultures throughout the world.

We are prepared to attend to the needs and interests of each one of our clients. Being travelers ourselves, we understand perfectly what travelers need and look for during their vacation. We enjoy tremendously that we are able to personalize and share our knowledge that we have acquired over the years, in order for you to enjoy the best vacation possible in Panama based on what most interests you.

As locals, it gives us pride to share with you the Panama we love. We are constantly designing new routes, adding new activities, and we have the best recommendations for your lodgings, adventure activities, restaurants, and of course, fun! If you don’t find the tour or trip you’re looking for, let us know and our team will work with you to design your ideal experience in Panama!

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The type of vehicle depends on the destination you have selected, as well as the number of passengers on your trip. Our vehicles are well maintained, comfortable, spacious, and come equipped with air conditioning.

Since most of our tours are private or small groups, on the majority of our trips we use 4×4 vehicles in order to provide you with a luxury experience, and to bring you to the places where other vehicles can’t reach, safely and comfortably. All of our vehicles are insured and up to date with their legal documentation.

If you have any questions with respect to our vehicles or transportation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.