1. Introduction:

As passionate providers seeking to make your vacation memorable, we go to great lengths to ensure your comfort and satisfaction in all of our products. We greatly appreciate feedback at any time and take it seriously in order to improve our services or ensure that your trip meets our high standards of excellence. In order to be able to continue to provide our clients with such services, we have developed the following Terms & Conditions in order to promote consistency in our standards of operation. 

Our Terms & Conditions are meant to inform our clients of the binding regulations by which we operate as a company. Please note that the Panama Road Trip Adventures is a product of Snowy Cotinga Expeditions. In different sections of our website (www.panamaroadtrips.com), and within these Terms & Conditions, we use the pronoun “we” to refer to ourselves collectively as the provider, Snowy Cotinga Expeditions, and the pronoun “you” to refer collectively to you as the customer or group of customers. Throughout our website and Terms & Conditions we may refer to you as “customer”, “client”, “consumer”, “traveler”, or other related terms. We may also make reference to third party providers or contracted companies such as restaurants, hotels, tour operators, etc., which includes any company that is not our own with whom we require collaboration in order to fulfill our services to you. 

By using our website and services, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions so please read them carefully. While we will do our best to notify you of any last minute changes to our Terms and Conditions and keep our website up to date with our new policies, by using our services or website, you are acknowledging that we have the right to update our Terms & Condition at any time without necessarily informing you first. 

2. Intellectual Property:

Our website, www.panamaroadtrips.com, is considered the property of the travel company Snowy Cotinga Expeditions, and therein all the content (text, photos, videos, etc.) that it contains is considered intellectual property of Snowy Cotinga Expeditions. Any use or reproduction of any of the site’s content is strictly prohibited without prior consent from the owner of the company. If you are interested in using or reproducing our content for any reason, you may contact the company at cotinga.expeditions@gmail.com  and may be granted explicit permission to use our content.

3. Site Content:

Prices that you view on our site for any of our services or those of contracted companies that perform third party services for the sake of complementing or completing your vacation package (hotels, tour operators, restaurants, etc.) are in Panamanian Balboas (equivalent to the US Dollar), the legal currency in Panama. Because of this, you, the client, agree to assume all additional costs in transaction fees or exchange fees that may occur in completing online payment to us or in any exchange of currency to Panamanian Balboas or US dollars in person at any time. You also are responsible for paying any fees (international or domestic) that may be required by banks in order to process any charge on your credit or debit card. 

While we try to keep our website updated with current information, we do not guarantee that all the information you see is updated. We reserve the right to inform you during your booking process or during your use of our services of any changes that may affect your product. 

We occasionally have special promotions and offers that are available during certain dates throughout the year. To consult us regarding these promotions and offers, please write to us at cotinga.expeditions@gmail.com.

Our website may also allow users to write reviews and occasionally publish their own material. The reviews or content that is generated from other authors besides our staff does not reflect our opinion and we are not responsible for anything that is written by other parties. If you choose to write a review or other material for our site, you are assuming responsibility for that material that you generate. 

Photos on our site are representative. That is to say that they reflect the general appearance of the destinations or attractions that you may visit but are not a literal representation of said destination. By using our services or website, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for any difference of appearance of the actual locations, to the photos on our website.

4. Site Use:

By using our site, you agree to comply with all laws (international and local) with regards to appropriate internet usage. You may not tamper with material on the site, alter it, reproduce it, sell it, or violate it in any way. If you do so legal action may be taken. 

Please familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy. By using our site, you acknowledge and agree to everything in our Privacy Policy and additionally agree to not use our site to gather information on our users. We reserve the right to collect information on our users in order to provide them with a service that they have requested or for statistical information. By using our site, you are acknowledging that nothing on the internet is 100% secure and that you are agreeing to us collecting this information.

5. Links to Other Pages:

Our website (www.panamaroadtrips.com) may contain links to other websites of other companies with which we have professional relationships or agreements. In using those links or visiting those sites through any arrival method, you acknowledge that Panama Road Trip Adventures and its affiliates and associates are not responsible for any of the content that is published on that site, or any consequence that may result in you visiting the website or utilizing any of their services. 

Each site is owned by its respective company, which has granted us permission to publish their link or information on our website. By visiting their site, you are bound by their Terms & Conditions which are distinct from ours.

6. Indemnization:

Through use of our website or any of the services that we offer as a company, you acknowledge and agree that Panama Road Trip Adventures, a product of Snowy Cotinga Expeditions, and our affiliates and associates are not responsible for any claims or accusations of consequences that may have resulted from the use of our website (www.panamaroadtrips.com) or from the participation in any of our activities or activities of contracted companies that we work with. 

We are not responsible for any loss, theft, injury, death, or illness that may occur before, during, or after the use of any of our services or those of the contracted companies we work with. By using our website or requesting our services, you are agreeing to this statement and will not hold us financially or legally responsible should any of the above items occur. 

That being said, we strongly encourage all travelers (whether they use our services or not) to purchase travelers insurance that will cover them for any incidents, illness, injury, or financial damages during their travels.

Snowy Cotinga Expeditions is a tour provider and tour retail company that offers tours, activities, and tourism services of third parties and in collaboration with third parties, as well as services that we provide as an independent tour operator. Any complaints or legal claims regarding any services contracted by a third party company or operator must be directed to the specific service provider that is conducting the activity or providing the service. Furthermore, Snowy Cotinga Expeditions assumes no legal or financial responsibility for the outcomes of decisions made or actions taken by any of our third party service providers before, during, or after the requested service.

7. Passports, Visas, & Health Requirements for Travelers

The client acknowledges and agrees that they are solely responsible for the requirements of entry into Panama such as passport requirements, visa requirements, COVID-19 test results, and any other necessary health or vaccine requirements to enter Panama. 

Should you need to cancel any of our services or not be able to participate in any activities you have reserved with us for failure to meet the above requirements, you will be held financially responsible for the above requirements and subject to our cancellation policy. 

Some of our activities require a certain level of physical ability in order to be able to perform the activity. While we do our best to inform clients and future clients of specific activity requirements, in reserving our activities, you are accepting responsibility if you are not physically able to complete the activity.

8. Reservation policies

The rates that apply for our services are valid for the dates of the quote we have sent you. If you request a quote for a different date or time, rates may vary. 

Reservations for services are subject to availability at the time of processing your request and cannot be guaranteed until the client receives the confirmation email, after making the deposit if necessary.

In hotel reservations, and other activities carried out by our collaborators from other companies, we will first verify availability with the supplier before confirming.

We suggest you read the cancellation policies carefully since any change in reservation is subject to availability and re-quoting of rates.

Prices are per person and include the services indicated in the descriptions.

9. Payment policies:

The payment of the services can be made through the following forms: Paypal, international bank transfers, or cash in US Dollars on the day of your tour or activity, or by the date indicated in our communications to you. We do not accept local, foreign, or travelers checks of any kind.

The request for your tour, day trip, road trip or activity will only be pending until the payment deadline that is indicated in our communications with you. If you do not make the deposit or full payment of your request, depending on the instructions in the email sent to you, we will understand that you will not attend the tour and will no longer continue to hold your dates.

If you require an invoice, please request it and it will be sent to you after you have been provided the requested services.

10. Cancellation Policy:

All tours are confirmed via email following the payment of a deposit. The amount to be deposited can range between 20% to 50% of the total amount of the tour, and is indicated in the email with instructions for booking. The remaining balance will be paid the day of your tour. In the event of cancellations, the amount we will refund of the deposit will vary based on the amount of days prior to the scheduled tour or activity, due to the expenses incurred by us in preparing for the tour or activity. The following are the applicable cancellation charges indicating the percentage of the deposit made that can be refunded. 


Cancellations for a Single Day Tour/Activities operated by us made within:

24 hours prior to departure date     –     Deposit not refundable

48 hours prior to departure date      –     50% of the deposit can be refunded

3 days or more prior to departure date     –     100% of the deposit can be refunded

Cancellations for Multi-day Tours operated by us made within:

3 days prior to departure date –  Deposit not refundable

4-5 days prior to departure date – 50% of the deposit can be refunded

6-10 days prior to departure date – 75% of the deposit can be refunded

11 days or more prior to departure date – 100% of the deposit can be refunded


  • If you book a tour 24 hours before the departure, and you decide to cancel the tour the same day, we will not offer a refund.
  • All cancellations must be made with us directly, not with our third party providers.


What can be refunded:

  • Most of our tours require a minimum number of people to operate, as mentioned in the descriptions of the tours. If there is a last minute cancellation made by a client, and the activity no longer has the required minimum number of participants to take place, we reserve the right to cancel the activity, and the affected clients will get a full refund, or choose a similar tour that meets the required number of participants. 


What can not be refunded:

If you are not at the designated meeting point at the time of your tour, we reserve the right to cancel the tour and not to provide a refund. However, we will always try to do our best to locate you at the meeting point. After all, we want you to come on tour and have fun as that is our goal. 

If a group reserves a tour with multiple participants from their group, but on the day of the tour only a portion of those participants wish to do the tour, the deposit remains non-refundable for all the original participants. 

Cancellations must be communicated to the following email: continga.expeditions@gmail.com

11. Changes & Cancellations Made By Us, Our Providers, and Third Parties:

Before or during any of the activities that you reserve with us, there always exists the possibility that unforeseen inconveniences may occur (ex. Natural disasters, weather phenomenons, change in terrain conditions, political unrest, change in international or local laws or regulations, protests, mechanical failures, and others). Because of this, we reserve the right to change or cancel any activity that cannot be completed due to any of the above situations possibly without refund. If we are able to notify you in time of any of the above situations, a refund may be possible at our discretion. Under most circumstances (since our own expenditures occur in preparing for your tour), you will be offered an alternative activity in place of the one you had reserved at no additional cost. Should you decline the alternative activity, you will simply be free to choose your own activities for the day without utilizing our services.

We, our providers, and third party companies involved in providing services of our products reserve the right to suspend or cancel any of our services due to racist comments towards our employees and service providers, or towards our clients. Additionally, we, our providers, and third party companies involved in providing services of our products reserve the right to suspend or cancel any of our services due to lack of adherence to Panamanian law, or for any illegal or immoral act committed while services are being provided. Also, we, our providers and third party companies reserve the right to suspend, cancel, or change any tour, activity, or service due to threats to safety and security, climate, injuries or similar health threats suffered by our employees, clients, or providers. 

Please note that cancellations made of any services, tours, or activities that are operated by third party companies with whom we operate are bound by the cancellation policies of those specific companies, and it is not the financial or legal responsibility of Snowy Cotinga Expeditions to provide any refunds for those canceled services.

12. Resale of tours:

We explicitly prohibit the sale of any of our tours, trips or activities without the written authorization of our management.

13. Your Behavior:

While in Panama, you are agreeing to respect and follow all Panamanian laws and regulations. Failure to abide by these laws and regulations may result in cancellation of any services that you have arranged with us without the possibility of refund. We also reserve the right to refuse future service to anyone based on any unlawful conduct or behavior that may be seen as problematic for us. 

Our activities give visitors the opportunity to interact with new cultures which can be one of the most memorable experiences that one can have in their lifetime. Because of this, we require clients to conduct themselves respectfully towards our tour operators, third party service operators, or members of communities that we visit. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of activities without possibility of refund.

14. Special Requests:

If you have any special requests or needs, please inform us during the booking of your tour. In that way, we can do our best to inform you of any inconveniences that you may encounter and can work with you to design your activities to suit your needs or interests. 

Since Panama is still developing as a country, not all of our activities or destinations meet the legal standards for access that may exist in your country. We ask you to let us know of any physical limitations that you may have in order to better advise you on which specific activities or destinations might serve you best and which may not be good options for you. That being said, you are ultimately responsible for choosing your activities after receiving our guidance and suggestions and may not hold us responsible for any difficulties you may encounter.

15. Questions and Consulting:

Our job is to ultimately provide you with a safe and fun experience that you will remember fondly for years to come. Every day, our customers´ satisfaction is what we seek to achieve. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our activities, policies, or the above terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us at cotinga.expeditions@gmail.com you may encounter.