Getting to Panama

Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport is a hub for flights arriving for all corners of the world. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Panama City, Panama can be enjoyed for extended stays, as well as quick layovers. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, requirements for entry into Panama are frequently changing based on the current global situation. Please visit the website of your country’s embassy in Panama for specific health requirements for your country of departure, or contact us to learn more about the current process of arriving to Panama. If you’d like to request an airport pickup or drop-off, we’d be happy to arrange that for you too!


Whether you’re looking to stay in the center of the action, or somewhere quiet and secluded, Panama City as well as the country’s interior have plenty of options you might like. If you’re still undecided on where you will stay, feel free to contact us for suggestions.


Panama uses the US Dollar, although be prepared to receive coins of the Panamanian Balboa (equivalent in value to the US Dollar). Most larger restaurants and shops around the country accept major credit cards, while smaller businesses and shops in rural areas will usually only accept cash. ATM machines are readily available at banks, supermarkets, and other locations to have cash on-hand, so no need to bring all your money with you. Travelers checks are uncommon in Panama, and not likely received in most establishments.


Panama is a very safe country overall, in comparison to neighboring Central and South American countries, which allows visitors to feel comfortable both in groups and traveling solo. There are occasionally reports of pick-pocketers and petty theft, both usually taking place without the victim’s knowledge. That said, staying safe in Panama, especially in Panama City and other highly touristic areas, is very much the same as staying safe in any major city or popular tourist attraction. It’s recommended not to keep your wallet or money in a back pocket or easily accessible zipper in a backpack, and always a good idea to look around you and keep your belongings close in crowded areas.

What to pack

Due to the high temperatures and humidity year-round, it’s recommended to pack light-weight breathable clothes to stay comfortable in Panama. If you plan on traveling to the highlands, a light coat or long-sleeves for going out in the evening is recommended. The same goes if you’re traveling by bus (believe it or not!) throughout Panama, as buses tend to blast the air-conditioning at very cold temperatures. For venturing out to the rural areas and jungles, we do recommend solid shoes or hiking boots, and light-weight long pants to prevent bug bites. For getting out in nature in Panama, bug repellent and sunscreen are definitely recommended.

Can I drink the water?


Most larger towns in Panama, including Panama City itself, have treated potable tap water which is safe to drink. In some smaller communities and rural areas, it is recommended to bring your water or purchase bottled water to drink.

Have more questions? We’d love to help! Apart from helping guests reserve their tours and activities, we are here to answer your questions and help ensure that you feel ready for the trip of a lifetime! Feel free to write us at if you have any questions.